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The most common cause for cloudy or blurry window tint in a car is a recently done tint job. SF Window Tint technicians are certified to guarantee that your car’s window tint is precisely positioned from the time you take it home. Still, there may be fog on your windows for the first few days or weeks, but it eventually clears.


Here’s what causes it and what you can anticipate after your tint job is finished: 

Climate and Window Film Installation. Traditionally, this is nowhere out of the ordinary- it’s generally accepted but temporary. In the first few days preceding a window tint job, the window will most likely develop a cloudy and hazy appearance. You can even notice small wet pockets under the new film if you look closely.


After the windows are tinted, the squeegee is limited in the amount of water it can remove. However, the tint fil is usually porous to allow the water droplet to evaporate through, as film fully adheres to the glass surface. The length of time it will take for your new tint to be completely dry is determined by three factors:

  • The installer’s skill
  • the amount of sunshine it receives
  • and the type of film used. 

It’s no debate that you may not control the weather, but you can choose who does the tint job for you. If the weather is overcast and gloomy, the film will take longer to dry; if it’s hot and sunny, though, it dries quickly. This might take anywhere from 3 days to a week for a typical install. Because of the moist, cool air, this process may be slowed in the winter.


Two Types of Haze


Installation Haze: This is the installation we’ve just discussed above. Tiny water droplets collect between the film and the glass window. The water evaporates slowly through the film within a week. The extent of this phenomenon can be mitigated by being a little vigil with the heat gun and the squeegee when applying the tint. This way, you only have to wait a few days before the haze clears.


Low-Angle Haze: A low-angle haze is a distinct sort of blurriness. This sort of fog refers to fuzzy obscurity visible only when looking at the glass from a steep angle, such as through a windscreen or a side window in front of you.


Although not common in all films, some ceramic “nano dispersion” films exhibit it. Such films are made by coating a polyester fil with a solution containing small suspended ceramic particles. Under a microscope, you’d discover that they aren’t quite spherical; instead, they appear to be more of a pebble shape. When light is directed at them at a low angle, there is a mild disruption in light transmission, resulting in a blurry window effect. This low-angle haze isn’t dangerous. It won’t increase the likelihood of accidents, and it doesn’t affect your ability to see ahead clearly.

Tip: If you are experiencing this problem, bring your vehicle to us at SF Window Tint, and we will be able to fix your tint promptly. Our window tint employs sputter-coated titanium nitride molecules, resulting in a patterned structure. The traditional randomly dispersed film cannot compare to this technology.
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