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What Are We Missing If We Don't Get Our Windows Tinted?

Home window tinting isn’t as commonplace as car window tinting, and that’s probably why car tinting comes to mind for most people when you mention this essential privacy tool. If your home has large windows but you don’t like keeping the curtains down all the time, you can remove the annoyance of passers-by staring inside by adding a tint on the glass. The benefits are numerous and sometimes goes beyond what car tinting is known for. 

Energy conservation
Traditional glass without tint permits a lot of sunlight and heat into your home, causing interior temperature to increase considerably. This often results in bloated energy bills because your A/C system will need to run for longer to cool the run. Stop blowing money on energy you don’t even use by adding a tint on your windows.
Consistent temperatures
Another headache that comes with traditional glass is uneven temperatures across different rooms. One side of the home is normally more exposed to the hot afternoon sun than others, meaning the rooms on that side will remain hot for long compared to others. You can add a tint on all your windows so the glass does not permit heat and sunlight beyond a certain threshold, thus helping keep interior temperature with a uniform range.


Glare Reduction
Few things are as bothersome as having to change positions in your room every morning or afternoon because you can’t sit facing a certain window owing to the blinding glare emanating from that window. This sounds like a problem you wouldn’t count three to fix. The best way of removing the annoyance is by adding a layer of tint on the window and reducing the rays penetrating through the glass. 


UV Protection
Excess UV rays are bad for both your skin and furniture, especially if the furniture is made from leather. Unless your roof is incredibly damaged with gaping (which is less likely), there is only one channel through which the UV rays will reach your rooms – windows with traditional glass. Tinting is the best remedy for these rays because it blocks as much as 99% of them, protecting your furniture and allowing you to relax anywhere in the room without worrying about melanoma or similar cancers.


Security and Safety
You may be wondering how one does a tint prevent someone, say, a burglar, from breaking into a home. Well, it offers indirect protection. Burglars need to have good situation awareness – such as checking whether anyone is present in the room – before breaking inside. That’s going to be hard to achieve with tinted windows.
The good thing is there is a tinting film for every occasion. You can choose the right level of tint that fits your privacy needs. If you want the interior of your home to be invisible even to a person standing very close to the window, you will have to choose the densest tint available.
Would you like to get over some of the common problems that come with clear glass on windows? Contact us today and get the quality professional tinting service you deserve. Our prices are competitive too.