benefits of commercial window tinting
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Tinting your business windows has various advantages. It’s an excellent way of making your property energy efficient without spending so much money on HVAC units or energy-saving tools. Here are six benefits of commercial window tinting.

#1. Reduces Your Energy Bill
Did you know that about 30% of energy in your property escapes through the windows? As such, it forces businesses to purchase an HVAC system that keeps the temperature inside comfortable. However, because this system will run for long hours, it piles up the energy bill.

Thankfully, commercial window tinting offers an inexpensive way of temperature regulation. By insulating the glass, it keeps the sun’s heat away from the building. As such, the temperatures remain cool during the summer, meaning you won’t always need your A/C to be on. Therefore, this lowers the money you use on energy.
Plus, tinting your windows makes them look darker. As such, debris and dirt accumulated will not be that apparent. Thus, you won’t need to call a professional cleaner regularly, which saves you more money. 

#2. Increases Workers Productivity
Commercial window tinting impacts your employees directly. A hot and stuffy office is uncomfortable, meaning that the employees wont be that productive. It makes them work slower and reduces their concentration level. Not only does this create room for mistakes, but it also adds up the expenses eventually as you will have to spend money correcting this.

But since window tinting helps regulate the temperatures, it ensures a favorable working environment for employees. As a result, they will be more effective and productive.

Additionally, installing window films minimizes other things like glare that causes headaches and eye strain. 

#3. Attracts Walk-in Customers 

Window film can make your business appear sleek and professional. Thus, passersby will be interested to know what you are offering and they will likely walk in to shop or purchase your services. As a result, you will have a wider audience and attract people that you may never have reached with the normal marketing strategies. 

#4. Increases Safety and Security of Your Building
If you live in a city where the crime level is high, tinting your windows might be an effective security measure. Note that windows can attract thieves. Sadly, you can’t do much as your building needs windows for light and air.
But, you can have a reputable window tint company like SF Window Tint install security film. This makes your window shutter resistant. Should anyone try to break inside, the glass will remain intact, thus they can’t access the building.
But, even if you aren’t worried about a robbery, you should still consider installing a security film to create a safe working environment for your employees. In case of a broken window, the glass stays intact so no one will get hurt. 

#5. Creates More Privacy
Business meetings with clients often involve sensitive information that shouldnt be seen or accessed by just anyone. Installing window film makes your glass darker and harder for outsiders to peep through.

Companies such as banks can benefit from this added privacy. Clients will feel more comfortable and safe inside your building. As such, they will be willing to do business with you. 

#6. Keeps Your Assets and Products Safe
The effects of the sun go beyond brightness and heat. Note that its rays carry UltraViolet radiation, which is dangerous to you, other people around, and your products and assets.

For example, exposing your couch to UV rays from the sun leads to fading, cracking, and wear-outs. Thus, you’ll be forced to buy another one sooner than youd thought. This also applies to your products. UV radiation can damage products on the shelves, leading to huge losses. Thankfully, window tint blocks the UV rays, which keeps things inside safe.

Final Thoughts
Commercial tinting may not be the first thing you think about, but it’s crucial. It offers these and more benefits at an affordable cost. So if you are interested in tinting your business windows, get in touch with us via (650) 731-3017Contact us now!