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Top Signs You Need Car Tint Removal and Replacement Services?

There is the notion that once you invest in car tint, it will last forever, but the truth is that they wear or fade out as time goes by. For example, a car tint may serve for a long or short period depending on the environmental condition and how you maintain it.

However, even if your car tint starts to wear out, you do not need to worry much because here at SF Window Tint, we offer comprehensive, high-quality car window tint services. Here are the signs that indicate you need car tint removal.


Peeling edges
It is one sign that your car tint is wearing out. These might happen due to the sun rays exposure, which leads to damage or distortion of the film material. If your peeling film starts making a cracking sound when you roll your car window up and down, it is a sign that your peeling is not in a good state and requires a replacement. Also, remember the adhesive can harden or crystalize as time goes by. However, here at SF Window Tint, we are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to remove your car tint and replace it with new ones.


Air bubbles or bulging
It is another sign that your car tint has started to wear out, and you will need to remove it and replace it with another one. For example, as the tint ages, the adhesive used starts to wear out. Once this happens, the tint becomes loosely held on your car window, and the loosely held section starts to bulge out.


Scrapes and scratches
It is another sign that you need window tint removal services. Once you have scratches or scrapes on the tint film, it makes your car tint look old and ugly. The scratches and scrapes can come due to the cleaning process that is done to your car. Once this happens, the adhesive loses its strength of holding the car tint on the window, and the tint starts to peel off. Do not hesitate to call us for high-quality car tint removal and replacement services if you see this sign.


The bad thing with fading is that it does not make the tint fade evenly and may lead to your car tint having uneven colors, making it look ugly. Remember, once this happens, it is a clear indication the car tint has started wearing out, and you might consider getting car tint removal and replacement service so that your car tint can have its original look.


Hot Car Interior
It is another sign that your car tint is not working. Remember, if you have a cooler car interior, your air conditioner works properly, and you can save extra fuel. Also, car tinting helps you save fuel consumption because they keep the interior of your car cooler. The car tint prevents the sun’s hot rays into your car to maintain the colder condition. Getting hotter faster than before is an indication that your car tint is non-functioning. You need a replacement.


Increase fuel and gas usage
It is a sign that you need a car tint removal service because your tint has worn out. Car tint blocks the hot rays of the sun into your car. And if it is not working, your vehicle will use a lot of fuel or gas to power the air conditioner so that you can make it inside of your car to be cooler.


As you have seen above, many factors can lead to your car tint to worn out? If you start seeing the signs above to your car tint, then know that it’s time to remove it and replace it with a new one. With our professional team, you can get high-quality window tint removal and replacement services to make sure that you reinstate your car tint to its original state. Call us anytime at (650) 731-3017. You can get us at sfwindowtint.com. We will be happy to help!