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SF Window Tint

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Windows are important for both offices and homes. They allow the inflow of natural light and accord the room occupants the ability to view outside.


In fact, many people dream of office spaces that have expansive views or living rooms that have plenty of natural lighting. However, many people never figure out the challenges that such large windows potentially pose.


Examples of these are worrisome glares, unbearably high indoor temperatures, and the fading of the interior furnishings.


In consequence of these, many are confronted by two decisions, either conceal the views and the natural light with the blinds or just bear the adverse effects of the sun.

The Truth About Blinds


Blinds are widely loved and suitable for persons who find sun problematic in their spaces. Do your technology screens such as computers and televisions experience glares?

Alternatively, could it be that all you want is just immediate and maximum privacy? If you answered back in the affirmative, you have the blinds for the taking.

Nonetheless, whenever the blinds are closed, they block out the best parts of the windows i.e. the views and the natural lighting.


Blinds block out all the natural lighting and the exterior views. Further to this, they are also cumbersome to keep clean not to mention potentially ruining the aesthetics of your interiors if you desire the open and spacious feels.

Yet one more factor that may seem to overlook is that blinds may not wholly block out the solar heat gain in your home. That’s because they absorb plenty of solar heat and also serve to scatter the same into your home.

Over and above failing to regulate the solar heat gain, blinds may also not offer adequate protection of your interior spaces from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Did you know that the ultraviolet radiation may still pose damages to the interior furnishings, flooring, and even indoor occupants? Sadly, just closing the blinds may not be sufficient to safeguard the objects and the people from exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

If absolute privacy is the main goal, blinds may be the in-thing. However, if you are seeking sun controls without any limitations, you require comprehensive and effective solutions.

window film

Window Film: Allow the light in without any worries

With the window film, you may allow natural lighting in your interior spaces without the attendant negative effects of the sun. This window film takes care of factors like ultraviolet radiation, solar heat gain, and excess glares while at the same time upholding the views and the aesthetics of your windows.

As a matter of fact, prestige sun control window film diminishes glare and blocks a whopping 97% of the infrared radiation of the sun without at all eliminating the natural lighting. This results in increased comfort of the home occupants and reduced utility expenses.

Further to the above, all sun control window film blocks a massive 99% of the ultraviolet radiation which is chiefly responsible for fading. This film is highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to safeguard your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation while in the home. Just if you are mainly concerned about privacy, Decorative and Privacy Window Film is also capable of creating delicate privacy.

With it, you may cover the glass with patterns, gradients, or a frosted layer of window film. Bear in mind that both the decorative and the privacy films can generate privacy without necessarily interfering with the natural lighting on the whole.

The end result of this is significantly different from the traditional blinds.

If on the other hand, your main aim is to achieve complete privacy for your interior spaces, blinds are capable of wholly blocking your views. The window film provides comprehensive solutions to those seeking to reject heat, protect from ultraviolet radiation, and reduce energy expenses.

Additionally, it lets you achieve the best of both natural lighting and adequate protection from the sun.

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