Get Rid of Glare and Heat with Residential Window Tinting

Excessive sunlight can make your home uncomfortably hot and create glare that makes it difficult to work or relax. However, you can easily solve this problem with residential window tinting. Window tinting not only reduces heat and glare but also adds an extra layer of protection and privacy to your home.


Here are some ways residential window tinting can help you get rid of glare and heat:


Reduce Heat: Residential window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and up to 80% of its heat, keeping your home cool and comfortable during hot summer days.


Decrease Glare: Tinted windows also help to reduce glare, which can be particularly annoying during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest. This is especially useful for rooms with a lot of natural light, such as sunrooms or living rooms.

Protect Your Home: Window tinting can also add an extra layer of protection to your home. The tinted film can help to prevent UV rays from damaging your furniture and floors, as well as protect your family from harmful radiation.


Add Privacy: Tinted windows provide an added layer of privacy, making it difficult for people to see inside your home during the day. This can be particularly useful for homes that are situated close to neighbors or busy streets.

Increase Energy Efficiency: By blocking out heat, residential window tinting can also help to lower your energy bills by reducing the need for air conditioning during the summer months.


Overall, residential window tinting can help to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home by reducing glare and heat, providing an extra layer of protection and privacy, and increasing energy efficiency. If you’re interested in getting residential window tinting for your home, don’t hesitate to call or get in touch with us today for a free estimate.