Do All Car Window Tints Fade?

Not all car window tints are susceptible to fading. Whether a tint fades depends on its quality and the installer’s expertise. High-quality tints take long to fade, while cheap and low-quality tints fade faster. Window tint is designed to add privacy, curb appeal, and protection against sunlight to your car. All the objectives of car window tints are achieved when it is properly installed and maintained.


Why is my tint growing darker over time?

Recently installed window tint may appear to be darkening with time. However, this is not the case, and it is an indication that the adhesive is setting and reacting to exposure to sunlight and heat.


My tint is turning purple why is it so?

A tint turning purple is a sign that you used cheap, low-quality material. Dyed window tints bleach when they are in contact with the sun. The chemical contents of the tint react to sun and heat, changing the color of the tint.


How can I prevent my tint from turning purple?

The best alternative is re-tinting your car windows with high-quality material. However, the next alternative is incorporating UV absorbers into your tint through the core polyester film or the adhesive.


Can ceramic tint fade?

Even after long exposure to direct sun, ceramic-based window tints do not fade. These can stand extreme conditions and are color stable. Ceramic particles are compacted to create a tint, which is sturdier than dye-based tints.


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